Master of Data Analytics
Master of Data Analytics
Master of Data Analytics

Study data analytics online at a leading university

The University of Sydney’s Master of Data Analytics (Online) prepares you to become a well-rounded data professional equipped with the skills to collect, assess and translate the data important to you and your organisation.

With the guidance of expert academics, you will learn how to translate raw data into actionable insights that drive better business.

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Gain high-demand skills in a data-driven world

To understand how to yield and use data, you first need to understand what applications are currently being used, and which can best support your line of business. 

The online Master of Data Analytics offers a breadth of data analytics knowledge, covering a multitude of qualitative and quantitative data research methods and their applications across industries, including business, health care, architecture, and political science. 

Whether you come from a technical background or are looking to move into a data-oriented role, this course will prepare you for using data to its fullest potential. 

You will graduate with the ability to demonstrate expert and integrated knowledge of how a wide range of data sources and analytics methods can solve even the most complex business challenges. 

Comprehensive, diverse courses for data-curious professionals

The online Master of Data Analytics classes are taught from a multidisciplinary lens, so you’ll learn to collect and apply data insights to just about any kind of organisation. The curriculum covers a range of topics through core courses and electives such as ethics of data retrieval, muddling complex data structure and governance of data. 

You will participate in a data consulting capstone project that allows you to take your newfound knowledge and offer creative solutions to teams and businesses.

You can complete the online course in 36 months part time.

The University of Sydney also offers a Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics designed to empower you to build data analytics skills and experience. You can complete the certificate in 24 credit points or the diploma in 48 credit points. With either route, you will still be able to participate in the capstone project. 

100% online

Part-time study only

4 course start dates per year 

The online learning experience

The University of Sydney’s Master of Data Analytics is designed to support your learning style in an accessible online setting. Your lecturers will teach you how to use a wide range of analytics methods to manage, interpret and use data to inform business decisions. In addition to the flexibility online learning offers, you also can control how much or how little you collaborate with your classmates and instructors.

As an online Master of Data Analytics student, you will have access to:

dedicated technical support and student services teams

exclusive on-campus resources and events

a powerful network of classmates and academics through a mix of live and asynchronous coursework

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Admissions requirements

To be eligible for admission, you are required to have:

  • a three-year Australian bachelor’s degree in a cognate discipline* with a minimum credit average (65 percent), or
  • the University of Sydney Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics with a minimum credit average (65 percent), or a qualification deemed to be equivalent, or
  • completed 24 credit points of the University of Sydney Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics or Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics with a minimum credit average (65 percent). The 24 credit points must include 12 credit points of Data AnalyticsCore units and 12 credit points of Data Analytics specialist elective units. 

If you have the equivalent of an Australian AQF Level 8 degree or above in a cognate discipline, you may be eligible for a Reduced Volume of Learning (RVL) of up to 24 credit points or 0.5 years/one semester.

*Cognate disciplines include any major from a Science, Engineering, Commerce, or Economics degree, or other disciplines that are deemed cognate by the program directors and equivalent in volume of learning to a major or minor.

If you do not meet the requirements for degree admissions but have qualifications in areas such as health or education, you may apply to the certificate or diploma programs.

To learn more about admissions requirements, please visit our admissions page.

Career opportunities

Data analytics is being used by more and more companies to harness key insights that drive business and consumer connection. As a graduate with a master’s from the University of Sydney, you can enter your job search with confidence — and with the highly marketable skills to back it up.

Some career opportunities you will be able to explore include:

  • analytics and insights manager
  • data strategy manager
  • data analyst
  • business intelligence analyst
  • data visualisation specialist

Gain the knowledge and network to advance your data analytics career

Broaden your skills and expand your career options with a degree from top-ranked University of Sydney.

Get started and apply today to earn your master’s in Data Analytics online.

Make your mark
with data analytics.

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